Before Peter Capaldi won the role as the 12th Doctor, the producers of of the long-running BBC hit ‘Doctor Who’ considered making the newest incarnation of the iconic hero black, but ultimately went in another direction.  If they were forward thinking enough to consider that move, would they also consider making the 13th Doctor a woman?  Sure, the various Doctors have had plenty of amazing female companions, but making the actual Doctor a lady could be a big risk… unless maybe they had a proven fan favorite ass-kicker perfectly willing to take over the TARDIS.

Like say… Hayley Atwell?  The gorgeous and multi-talented star of ‘Agent Carter’, the ‘Captain America’ spin-off TV series on ABC, wants to do more than just guest appear on ‘Doctor Who’… she wants to BE Doctor Who and said so during a Twitter fan chat.

On the show, The Doctor’s male nemesis, The Master was recently regenerated as a woman, played by Michelle Gomez.  The precedent has been set!  And one existing ‘Who’ cast member, Jenna Coleman (current companion Clara) was assured that the time would eventually come for a female Doctor, stating “I’m sure it will happen at some point. I think it’s just about casting the right actor.”

Well, half the battle has been fought!  Atwell has practically volunteered and it’s hard to picture any other female as capable taking on the role.  It would be a minimal transition from the prim but fully capable Agent Peggy Carter to The Doctor.

And if anyone is worried about her lacking comedic chops for some of the typically quirky aspects the various Doctors have demonstrated, just check out her Dubsmash feud with Clark Gregg (and guest-stars galore).  Here’s just one clip:

What do you think?  Should Hayley Atwell trade in her iconic red hat for a sonic screwdriver?  (I was going to say fez, but I KNEW someone would call me on it.)