Star Trek: Discovery spock

Fans of ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘ have been eager for Spock to make his appearance and now Sonequa Martin-Green is teasing what we can expect. The actress who plays his foster sister Michael Burnham on the series has been able to open up as to how the two interact with one another and, more importantly, to share why Spock has never mentioned her.

As to how Spock and Burnham’s relationship is on the series?

“Complicated. Difficult. Strenuous. We don’t shy away from that, either, which I love. And season 2, as I said in the panel just now, is deeply emotional. And I pray and hope that people can go on the journey with us wholeheartedly because it will wrench your heart. Because it is so deeply emotional. And of course, as we saw in the trailer, that wonderful trailer, that there’s lots of action, but this season digs down to a deeper emotional level than season 1 did. And I’m hoping that people just grit their teeth and are at the edge of their seats and take it in.”

One of the concerns for “Star Trek: Discovery” is continuity issues. We’ve never seen Spock mention his foster sister Michael in canon and this leads to a concern as to why that might be the case. Fortunately for fans, this is an issue which will be addressed, and it will happen in the upcoming season of the series.

“Oh gosh, yeah. And we mentioned that too, you know … there’s a long game with Star Trek: Discovery. Because it is hyper-serialized, and because it is a novel told in chapters, there is a through-line, and there are conceptual weavings that take time to unravel – that might have been a mixed metaphor, but we’re just going to go with it – but I really encourage everyone to trust that every single question that we raise in Star Trek: Discovery that may seem like it’s not canon-compliant, every one of those questions gets answered. Every one.”

Some of the canon issues which have come up so far have seemed rather difficult to overcome and yet I’m willing to give the series the benefit of the doubt. As to if they can provide us with an acceptable explanation to some of these inconsistencies remains to be seen.

Are you excited to see how Burnham and Spock interact with one another in the second season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Trek Movie