“Rats! They fought the dogs,
And killed the cats…”

Trubel is back…and not looking so great.

Nick carries an unconscious Trubel to safety

Picking up where we left off two weeks ago, Nick finds a busted up Trubel outside the safe house and, realizing just how bad off she is, rushes her to the hospital. While doctors work on the battered Grimm, Nick discovers that, not only is she wholly decked out in body armor but she’s carrying several fake ID’s, stacks of cash in various currencies, and a phone identical to the thumb-print driven mobile Agent Chavez had. It gets even more curious when, upon waking, she gives Nick and the doctor the name of “Lauren Cole”. Nick plays along with it and has Wu (by way of Hank) look into the ownership of Trubel’s souped-up bike. Turns out, the Lauren Cole alias has a complete history and place of residence.

Nick and Meisner fighting side-by-side

It becomes even stranger when Adalind tells Nick about the call from Meisner. It’s not much to go on considering Nick’s in the wait and see mode by finding answers to Trubel’s whereabouts has to wait after they get a call about two mauled bodies found in a field. Earlier we got a glimpse of a trio of Klaustriech having drunken fun kicking the crap out of a Reingen…well, two of the three got their just desserts by a massive something and, after talking to Selina, one of the victim’s girlfriends, Nick and Hank find out the third of the trio—Johnny—is still in the wind. After paying their own visit to the garbage dump, Nick and Hank tap Monrosalee for advice and get filled in on the legend of the Rat King. Composed of dozens of individual Reingen, this Rat King is the Wesen-equivalent of Voltron, though it’s currently nothing more than a Wesen tale.

When a frantic Selina calls about the Reingen breaking down her door, Nick, Hank and Monrosalee are forced to make another trip to the dump where they come into contact with a very real Rat King. Though it’s powerful, the Wesen composite isn’t a match for electricity, taken down when Nick leads the beastie into a power line rat trap. The thrill of victory is short-lived when Meisner calls and warns Nick that Trubel’s in, well, trouble.

The two men get to the hospital moments before Nurse Kristy, Dr. Nicholson and another aid has time to wheel Trubel away to God knows where.  The three are a part of the mysterious Uprising and, when Nick gets a still hurting Trubel into the safe house, he squares up on Adalind. “Tell me about Meisner. I need to know who he is.”

The Grimmtastic

  • Another monster-of-the-week, another dead Wesen. More importantly though is we are getting closer to finding out about Meisner, Trubel, and their involvement in the fight against this Uprising. Next week’s Fall finale promises that we’ll get even more information on where this season is going and the ‘Big Bad’.
  • This is the second time we’ve met mayoral candidate Andrew Dixon and his attempts to gain Captain Renard’s endorsement. He even dangled a carrot out there, mentioning how he wants Renard to be the new Chief of Police. It’s an enticing offer, one Renard is still wary to commit to. Something tells me this Dixon character has ulterior motives that may align with the aim of this Uprising.