Peter Jackson Mortal Engines

Mortal Engines‘ will be rolling into theaters later this year and producer and co-writer Peter Jackson (‘Lord of the Rings’) is sharing what the most difficult part of making the film was. If you felt it could be related to the special effects, you would be correct, but it is a specific aspect to the visuals that stood out as a challenge. When the man who brought us a live-action take of Middle-earth which people have loved had a challenge, you know it isn’t something that can easily be overcome.

So what was the biggest obstacle in the creative team’s path? The supersized cities, of course:

“Just showing the sheer size of these pillager cities. Like London is like the size of 12 aircraft carriers put together. It’s a size that there’s nothing to compare it to. And these wheels rolling along. How do you make this thing look as big as it really is? How do you let the audience know its this massive? What shots do you use, what angles do you use? That was actually surprisingly difficult, to imagine the size of these massive cities.”

While Jackson has created some vast landscape shots before, this is an excellent description as to why building these moving cities was so problematic. From the early trailers you can tell that they’re huge and seeing them on the big screen emphasizes that point but it is easy to see why it would be difficult in being able to make them be usable for the plot and demonstrate their sheer size on the big screen.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Mortal Engines’ later this year? Do you have any thoughts on representing the scale of these cities which wasn’t shown in the trailers? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Mortal Engines’ will roll into your local theater on December 14th, 2018!

Source: Cinema Blend