‘Rise of the Guardians’ may just dash your impressions of those favorite childhood legends that you grew up with. In the film, Santa is not your ordinary old man whose belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly. In fact, he is the head of the Guardians of Childhood, a loosely assembled team of magical being which include Tooth (aka Tooth Fairy voice by Isla Fisher), Sandman and the warrior Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman). In the newest clip released by Dreamworks, Jack Frost (Chris Pine) gets to do what all kids dream of doing this time of year: ride in Santa’s sleigh.

Of course since this isn’t your ordinary Santa, so why would his sleigh be also? This clip takes you on a fantastical ride through the North Pole and into the skies.

Rise of the Guardians’ is being touted as a family friendly animated version of ‘The Avengers’ and centers on the Guardians seeking out Jack Frost to join them in their fight against the ancient evil known as the Bogeyman otherwise known as Pitch. At stake are the imaginations and sweet dreams of children everywhere.

The clip does indeed to a great job on showing how fun this movie will be and the footage has pretty much made my mind up that this would be worth seeing in 3D. It is easy to understand why this film is on the list to be nominationed for Best Animated Feature for the Academy Awards.

Check it out below!

‘Rise of the Guardians’ Clip:

‘Rise of the Guardians’ features the voices of Chris Pine, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Jackman, Isla Fischer and Jude Law and will be released in theaters on November 21st.