fantasy food truck

Everyone has their favorite pop culture fandoms, but how often do you get to ingest them? The team at Fandom has once again brought their mysterious and magical Fandom Fantasy Food Truck to New York Comic Con and with it, a bevy of new treats inspired by some of your favorite pop culture franchises!

In the past, Fandom strived to bring us treats directly from within our favorite movies, television series, comics, and video games, but they seem to have since moved on to bring us foods that are a bit more “inspired by” rather than “directly from”. It can’t be easy to find a new round of made up foods from various corners of pop culture every year, so the move to some more ‘inspired’ concoctions makes a lot of sense and brings us some fantastic new fantasy treats that are even better than the things we see in some of our favorite movies and shows!

We talked to Nikki Flynn from the Fandom team on the show floor at New York Comic Con 2018 about this year’s Fandom Fantasy Food Truck offerings and what fans could expect to see! Check out our full interview in the video below!


As seen in the video, this year’s offerings include treats inspired by ‘Voltron’, ‘She-Ra’, ‘Doctor Who’, and Venom’! From ‘Voltron’ we have the pretty self-explanatory ‘Space Caterpillar Strawberry Mochi’, while from ‘She-Ra’ we have the “Confection of Protection” which is an ornate sword-shaped cookie along with some colorful icing dip! From ‘Venom’ we have a black-lemonade ‘Symbiote’ beverage, as well as a ‘Regeneration Tonic’ Orange-Mango Boba Drink inspired by ‘Doctor Who’!

So how was everything? Check out our full video review of this year’s Fandom Fantasy Food Truck offerings below!


We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the Fandom Fantasy Food Truck from New York Comic Con 2018! Did you make it to the Fantasy Food Truck this year? Which snacks did you try? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!