Shane West as Bane will be one of the biggest introductions in the upcoming fifth and final season of ‘Gotham,’ but now it looks like Harley Quinn could be joining in the madness as well. The producers have previously teased her appearance in various seasons but now showrunner John Stephens has described a character who very much sounds like she could play the part.

It has previously been stated that The Joker was also going to be revealed in the swansong of the show and that Jeremiah isn’t necessarily the Clown Prince of Crime, however that might not be fully accurate with who his new friend is. According to Stephens:

“[Jeremiah] has a somewhat deranged girlfriend, who dresses in a multi-colored fashion. I wouldn’t describe it as a healthy relationship … She likes roller skates.”

A girlfriend of a potential Joker with “multi-colored fashion” who “likes roller skates” and isn’t in “a healthy relationship” really seems to only describe one person. Now, she could very well be into Jeremiah before meeting the real Joker, or he could somehow end up massively changing which is how he isn’t currently the Joker but becomes him. Quite a few fans have suggested that Erin Richards’ Barbara Kean may evolve into the character, but the actress didn’t seem to think that is what is going to happen. It almost feels like a stretch to see even another actress added at this time with how many have already been announced.

Do you hope that ‘Gotham’ introduces Harley Quinn in the final season of the show? Will we see Barbara Kean end up transforming to embody the character before the last credits roll? Would any of the other characters already introduce be a potential candidate to call Joker “puddin” or will we see another new character brought in? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend