Energy constraints, past mistakes, and the anonymity of the online world are all a part of this week’s ‘Almost Human’ where Kennex and Dorian take on a mad bomber that channel’s his inner Jigsaw with those who’ve wronged him.

Simon’s first victim is a reminder that the good guys can’t save everyone

Despite the advances in technology, it looks like the future also has issues with energy as Energy Marshall Paul tells the precinct about rolling blackouts and priority charging for the synthetics. Dorian lets his displeasure be known, drilling Detective Paul after finding out the MX droids have priority over his charging. His dwindling battery starts effecting his personality interface and he starts on about the “social injustice” that is his current living arrangements. He suggests to Kennex that they room together but Kennex is not about that, especially if it means rearranging his trophy room. He goes Al Bundy, reminiscing about past accomplishments when they end up being called in to pursue Ramon Medina. A banker, Medina was KO’d and woke up with a bomb attached to his neck. He’s forced to follow the instructions to rob his own bank. Though Dorian tries, he’s unable to disarm the bomb in time and Kennex lays down a portable energy shield that contains the blast.

The police join Dorian and Kennex at the scene and the former catches fentanyl oxide—a chemical that causes temporary blackouts. Kennex finds the cameras littered throughout Medina’s car. Stahl discovers that someone was broadcasting the Medina incident live, wanting the viewers for the heinous crime. The detectives visit Rudy, who explains the bomb to Kennex while giving Dorian an “expresso shot” type charge. When Dorian’s desire to leave the MX bunking situation behind, Rudy laments on his own lonliness and how freedom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Rudy accesses  the feed and finds an address where Rudy was supposed to go. The team storms the house and find a PC the killer chats through, telling them that Jeannie Hartman will be the next victim.

Kennex gives a call to Jeannie’s dad but it’s already too late as the killer has wired her to destruct. They find her at a gazebo in the park after Stahl picks up the live feed. When the bomber sees Kennex, he taunts th detective.

Kennex and Dorian work to save the second victim

An unexpected curve ball is introduced when Jeannie tells them she knows who the madman is—a man named Simon she met online who gave her the heebie jeebies, thus she cut him out. After some tense moments, Dorian and Kennex disarm the bomb and the currently unstable Dorian celebrates like he’d scored a goal for Man U. Jeannie’s tip helps the team find out more on Simon and how he’s attacking those he believe rejected him (Medina denied him a loan). The team converges on the last known address of Simon’s. As Detective Paul and Dorian take care of Simon’s booby-trapped trailer, Kennex is called away only to be drugged by Simon.

When he wakes up, cuffed to a bench on the street, Kennex has ten minutes and change to disarm the bomb. Simon’s taken precautions this time around, using a remote switch in case Kennex tries calling in the cavalry. He tries making the case that he and Kennex, two men with questionable psyche evaluations, are similar. Kennex rejects this, working furiously to save his own life and collateral damage. They cops put a sniper on Simon but he’s holding a dead man’s switch. Dorian, despite being at 15%, scales the building away from Simon’s prying eyes and sneaks up on the psycho bomber. He knocks the crazy reject out with an electrical pulse before his battery runs out. Kennex, as well all knew would happen, successfully cuts the cord on the bomb with 2 seconds to spare.

Back at HQ, Kennex shares a much needed drink with the Captain. He admits Simon was right on one thing; “your black marks, they do follow you around.” She brushes that aside, pointing to the positive things he’s done since returning to the force. Kennex thanks Maldonado for taking a chance on him and he uses that as an in to ask her for a favor.

Kennex escorts Dorian to Rudy’s, his new and very eccentric roommate. Kennex walks off, positively beaming as Rudy pulls his new (and less than enthusiastic) roomie further into their humble abode.

More Than Human

  • While, at times, it was somewhat over the top, Dorian’s emotional instability due to his lack of battery charge was a welcome treat. There was a very noticeable parallel to his mood swings and the irritability we pesky humans get when we’re hungry or are missing out on our bodily needs for rest.
  • Simon was a crazy person, no doubt about that. He refused to take responsibilities for his actions and believed that people owed him the second chance. What he failed to realize is that our actions are our own and, if we want a second chance, we do have to work to deserve it. With that said, we do need others to believe in us.
  • Begin Social Commentary Rant—One of the easiest avenues to express one’s opinion, no matter how offensive, inflammatory or crude, is the world wide web. The sickos cheering Simon on are out there now, trolling, insulting, and threatening with impunity. If someone had the means to do what Simon did, I’m sure we’d have such followings. Sadly, movies such as ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘The Running Man’, hint at the possible avenues our fascination with reality television, other people’s lives, and not having to take responsibility for what they say—End of Social Commentary Rant
  • One more week and no sign of the Syndicate. Oh where oh where have our big baddies gone?