Dark, cold, exposed and helpless… when Ridley Scott took the story originally set down by Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett, with the stunningly terrifying designs from H. R. Giger, Scott’s direction yielded one of science fictions most utterly terrifying films to date. And now, my hapless adventurers, you can now immerse yourselves into this hideous and perilous macrocosm in the new game ‘Alien: Isolation.’

Ellen Ripley, our beloved hero from the 1979 feature film that started it all, now has a daughter. And Amanda, as we see in the trailer below, is just as resourceful as her extraordinary and tenacious mother. She eludes her hunter deftly and keeping a cool head,fabricates a perimeter alert beacon that scared the hell out of us in Aliens. Once she brings the tech online, she immediately realizes that she is in dire straights!

The feeling the creators have forced upon the gamer here is that of helplessness, being under-powered with little resources at your disposal. What this does, of course, is create a dynamic and very exciting experience. We want to go on, but the fear is paralyzing. We want to explore further, but fear what lies around the next dark, cold and metallic corner. We are completely immersed in the world they have created in which to strike fear into our hearts, quicken our pulse and give us that feeling of unadulterated dread. And… we like it!

As with any intense cinematic fright fest, the one thing many people disregard is one of the most effective means of creating the mood of fear… the soundtrack! There have been many good horror films and games that could have been great with a quality score. ‘Alien: Isolation‘ knows the value of perfect background music geared towards taking a frightening scene, and adding stark raving terror to it.

Check out the gameplay trailer below and tell us if you’ll be picking up ‘Alien: Isolation.’

Source: CBM