With DC Universe’s ‘Titans’ showing off its first episodes over at New York Comic Con, there are a lot of folks with strong opinions on the violent and adult new series, especially after the titular heroes for years were most well-known to pop-culture for being animated kids characters on Cartoon Network. However, there are many that argue the R-rated nature is a very good thing for the series and the characters, and Comicbook.com recently sought out one of the most famous proponents of that idea to ask his opinion of the new ‘Titans’ series, especially since he has a very strong connection to one of the main characters they are using in the show.

When asked about his thoughts about the character of Dove in ‘Titans,’ ‘Deadpool’ creator Rob Liefield replied:

“Dove was my first assignment, Hawk and Dove. They hadn’t had a comic in over a decade and the Kessels (Karl and Barbara) had come to me and I read the treatment and I was like, ‘I have got to be a part of this because Dove, this version of Dove, will take. We will transform it,’ because the relationship becomes more romantic, more dangerous. Taking away from being his brother to this stranger and again, he didn’t know that she’s Dove in the early issues…So the fact that she’s coming to life as Minka Kelly is ridiculous. And Geoff Johns sent me pictures from the set last year and said ‘You’re going to love the way they look’ and he had all these shots…and they nailed. And that’s when I knew these characters were going to be great…With the trailers, I wasn’t prepared for her to put a finger through a dude’s face and rip it off, but I’m so excited.”

They followed up that question with the inevitable one about the level of violence in ‘Titans,’ which, of course, the creator of ‘Deadpool’ would have an opinion on:

“The R-rating is where it’s at. It’s the truth! I’m talking about the Titans. I’m telling you, the level of violence, look, audiences are ready for more mature stuff. My lab are my children: 14, 16, and 18. They saw Iron Man when they were 8 and 6 and 4, so they’re growing up and so they’re ready to embrace this. This is the kind of stuff they’re ready for because now my son who was 8 when he saw Iron Man, he’s in college now. So he wants more mature stuff. So I think they did the right thing going the mature angle with this. I think it’s going to pay off. Very excited.”

What do you think about ‘Titans?’ Are they trying to be over-the-top bloody and R-rated just to get people’s attention, or do you think the story warrants it? Is it a show you are excited to see? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Comicbook