‘The Brothers Dracul’ is an upcoming “tale of brothers and blood” that wants to explore the younger years of Vlad the Impaler. Brought to us by writer Cullen Bunn (‘X-Men: Blue,’ ‘The Sixth Gunn’) and artist Mirko Colak (‘Kingsway West’), it looks like we’re getting an original take on the man who would become the inspiration for Dracula from AfterShock Comics.

Due to his nobility and records which were kept, there is quite a bit known of Vlad III’s history and the duo are mining it to craft a story which will not only enlighten but entertain anyone who would like to know more about Vlad’s teenage years.

According to Bunn:

“This is the story of the events that turned Vlad Dracul into Vlad Tepes. What we know of Vlad’s history is that during his teenage years, he and his brother Radu were captured and held prisoner by the Ottoman Empire. During that time, they were treated as royal prisoners. They were trained in art, history, horseback riding, archery, and — oh, yeah! — vampire slaying. Of course, these aren’t the smooth, black-caped, charming vampires of the movies. These are nasty, blood-drinking, flesh-eating monstrosities. The terrifying adventures of the Brothers Dracul will change both of their lives forever.”

As to his own interest in the project, Colak adds that:

“The fans will be surprised and, I am sure, amazed. It’s an exciting project.


I am from Serbia, and the location where the story takes place is only a few hours away from me, so I’m very familiar with the legend, and I’ve always had a desire to do adaptations of the story. We all had an amazing experience and adventure during our work on Unholy Grail. We aim high and together can do big things.”

Bunn and Colak had previously worked together on ‘Unholy Grail’ and brought in colorist Maria Santaolalla and letterer Simon Bowland from the book. As Bunn says, “We had so much fun telling a horror story with King Arthur as its central figure, we had to get the gang back together for this story, featuring one of the most shocking icons of horrific history!”

When done right, Dracula is still one of the creepiest villains to date. Being able to take the character in a new direction could prove interesting, and you can’t help but wonder how they will use this to build on his legend.

Are you looking forward to being able to check out ‘The Brothers Dracul’? How supernatural do you think they’ll go beyond simply training to be able to kill vampires? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Brothers Dracul’ #1 will dig its fangs into your local comic shop on April 11th, 2018!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter