With Season 7 of ‘Arrow’ set to premiere in less than a week, the CW has given us a brand new trailer for the new season to help set the stage and prepare fans for what to expect when Oliver and Company return from hiatus.

The trailer, which runs a little under two minutes, of course gives us shots of Oliver in prison, trying to just do his time in peace but also being harassed by some prisoners, and feared by others, with one shot showing Oliver’s pain by having him staring at a photo of William and Felicity. Back at home, Felicity at some points seems to have regathered the team as the Longbow hunters mentioned last season have appeared, and she thinks they are the best lead they have had in months to catching Diaz, who she blames for everything that has happened to her family. But she may have a tough time reactivating Team Arrow, as Curtis claims he hasn’t been out “in the field” for months and is dressed in a business suit. Dig seems to be fully committed to his ARGUS gig, Rene looks to have joined or be working with the FBI, and I personally did not spot Dinah in the trailer. However, Earth-2 Laurel is there, and she appears to now be working with the team, and still living Earth-1 Laurel’s life, though hopefully over the summer she read some of those law books, because she even appears to be taking jobs. We see her in what appears to be a press conference discussing the appearance of a new Green Arrow, who she assures everyone cannot be Oliver Queen, as he is still in prison and says they have no idea who the new vigilante is.

There’s a lot to unpack, but the trailer looks pretty amazing, but then again the team behind ‘Arrow’ always does a good job with their promotions, we just have to hope the actual season manages to live up to the hype. What did you think after seeing the trailer (which you can check out below if you haven’t see it yet)? Are you excited for the 7th season? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!