Bryan Singer
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It looks as if the dust has settled for accusations against Bryan Singer and Millennium Films isn’t worried about placing him as the director of their upcoming remake of ‘Red Sonja.’ While you can’t deny Singer’s talent, you could deny him a job as Fox has done with the ‘X-Men’ series, but it looks like he’ll be getting up to a 10 million dollar payday for directing this new fantasy action film. Not even a year has gone by since the claims against Singer by an actor who claims to have been raped by the director when he was only 17-years-old was dismissed, but that isn’t preventing the studio from bringing him aboard to tackle a “female-empowered” take on ‘Red Sonja.’

While the studio has yet to comment on the Singer’s paycheck, an inside source shared that is the number being floated. In his prime and before these allegations, that may not have seemed like such a stretch, but no one has been looking to hire him since these allegations initially surfaced.

Before the allegations came to light, the director initially made it big with ‘The Usual Suspects’ and ‘Apt Pupil’ before diving head first into the ‘X-Men’ franchise where he really made his mark. The lawsuit by Michael Egan and a later one by an anonymous British man were both dismissed at the accuser’s request.

How do you feel about the remake of ‘Red Sonja’ knowing that Bryan Singer will be directing it? Do you think that this will hurt the film or with both of the lawsuits having been dismissed by the accusers make this a non-issue for you? Will this film be the comeback for Singer that allows him to get more work once again in Hollywood? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter