In case you have not been paying attention, Hollywood has been all about Hell and Satan lately, whether it be with occult movies, supernatural TV shows, comic-book shows based on the devil, or just good old fashioned stories featuring Lucifer as a main character. Therefore, it is no surprise that two new projects are coming out that are also cashing in on that fire-y real-estate, one called ‘My Descent into Death’ and the other ‘Hell Bent.’

‘My Descent into Death’ is based on the memoir written by Howard Storm (originally titled ‘My Descent into Death: A Second Chance at Life’), where the man speaks on his near death experience while having emergency surgery, but instead of seeing the white light of heaven, he claims to have visited hell. The movie would be more of a supernatural thriller most likely dealing with his escape from hell, but in the end it will all be decided by the writer-director Jinder Ho, who has been tasked with crafting the film.

The second film is ‘Hell Bent,’ which has been described by Deadline as “‘The Dirty Dozen’ goes to Hell.” The premise of the film is listed out below:

“A group of mercenaries imprisoned in a Brazilian jail are murdered and led into the depths of hell by a priest who wishes to use their skills to kill Satan before he brings hell to Earth.”

Definitely sounds like the kind of supernatural action flick that would get people pumped to go see it, especially if the cast was anchored by some decent actors that could bring some legitimacy to a story like visiting Hell to assassinate the Prince of Darkness. The film is being discussed as a potential franchise (Satan escapes and come back for revenge in the sequel?) and is being directed by Corin Hardy (‘The Hallow’), who plans to cast relative unknowns in the lead roles due to the low budget nature of the film.

What are your thoughts on Hollywood’s obsession with Satan’s dark domain? Is it just a phase? Or do you think there’s cinematic gold to be mined in the concept? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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