Avengers 4

It wouldn’t be a week of the month without a rumored ‘Avengers 4‘ title, and the current one that seems to be making the rounds is ‘Avengers: Annihilation.’ While some of the rumored titles have been shot down by Marvel, this one is an interesting choice to have popped up as there was a very popular 2006 miniseries titled ‘Annihilation.’ Penned by Keith Giffen, the book put a focus on Annihilus who is the ruler of the Negative Zone and likely can’t make an appearance in the MCU at this time due to being so closely tied to the Fantastic Four.

That being said, Thanos was heavily involved in the plot and at the very end of the book, we saw him not only killed by Drax the Destroyer but joining forces with Mistress Death. The Mad Titan is a character who would be great to be featured down the line in other cosmic stories if the plan is for Marvel Studios to still go down the route which James Gunn had helped map out. On the flip side, with all of the potential blood on his hands, it would be just as easy to see him end up dead.

Likely, at the hands of someone who hates him as much as Drax does.

The rumor was prompted by an image shared by the Russo Brothers which has yet to be translated but told viewers to “look closely.” Could we be looking at 2 A’s?

What do you think of the title ‘Avengers: Annihilation’ for the next Avengers film? Will this rumored title prove true? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: MCU Cosmic