Doctor Who

We already know that the upcoming season of ‘Doctor Who’ was switching things up with the new Doctor but what we’ve just learned is that there won’t be an all-encompassing story arc this season. That’s right folks, the new setup will be giving us standalone episodes without any plot threads that will continue throughout Season 11. This is a massive departure from when the series was rebooted in 2005.

This is going to be a bit of a shock for fans and executive producer Matt Strevens shares the details and why this decision was made:

“I’d say the only series arc is the growing relationship between the Doctor and her new friends, and how that team builds across the series.
In terms of a story arc, there’s a few little treats in there if you watch every episode, there’s a few little things, but no – mainly it’s standalone. The ‘serial,’ if you like, is the growing relationship between the companions.”

Chris Chibnall who is the new showrunner of the series, hinted at this earlier this year when he stated that, “It’s ten standalone episodes, there’s no two-parters or anything like that.”

It sounds as if they are trying to use this format to draw in new viewers who might be tuning in to see the female Doctor played by Jodie Whittaker so that they won’t be entirely out of the loop if they’re more of a casual viewer.

While I love the idea of Whittaker as a Doctor, I’m someone who tends to enjoy the longer story arcs on a show and am not quite sure this was the best call.

Do you think that switching things up to be single stories instead of a longer ongoing tale was the right choice to make? Will this backfire for the network or did the creative team come up with a good idea to help ease fans who are against a Doctor with a different gender than their own? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Digital Spy