Sophie Aldred

To publicize the release of the ‘Doctor Who: The Collection – Season 26’ Blu-ray set, current ‘Doctor Who’ writer Pete McTighe penned a special short featuring Sophie Aldred reprising her role as companion, Ace, 30 years after she… and the show said goodbye.  After decades on the air, ‘Doctor Who’ ended in 1989 and stayed gone until its early 2000s revival.

In the trailer, it is revealed that Ace is now the head of a nonprofit organization called A Charitable Earth (or A.C.E.), but she quietly yearns to return to the time and space-hopping escapades she had as a teen at the side of Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor.


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You can check it out below:


A Charitably Earth was first introduced by Russell T. Davies on the spinoff series ‘The Sarah Jane Adventures’.

Aldred stated:

“When I first heard about A Charitable Earth, I thought, ‘Huh? Ace working for a charity? And then I thought, ‘No, hang on a minute…’ because of her experience and the fact that Ace has… she has got a real heart… she wants to do right, I could see her heading up a corporation called A Charitable Earth. I thought that was just right.”

Regarding her brief return, she stated:

“I can think of no better tribute and celebration [of Ace] than Pete’s fantastic trailer.  I was just so thrilled when Pete sent through the script – in fact, I was so thrilled that I burst into tears, because it was really emotional.”


Andrew Cartmel, who acted as script editor on the final three seasons of the original ‘Doctor Who’ explained that had the show continued, Ace would have gone on to attend the Prydonian Academy to become a Time Lord herself.  He added, “Ace was such a fab companion, we couldn’t just let her disappear.”

Aldred replied, “I didn’t know [that plan] at the time, but what a great thing that would be!”  When a fan pointed out that this new trailer could serve as the basis for its own spinoff series, she responded:

“Yes, isn’t it just? Let’s do it!”

Would you like to see this classic ‘Doctor Who’ character back in action?


Source: Radio Times