future man

Hulu’s ‘Future Man’, the video game comedy created by Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir and produced by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg, is set to return for a second season in January, but Hulu is offering some photos from upcoming episodes.  The series follows video game ace Josh Futterman, played by Josh Hutcherson, who is recruited by Tiger (Eliza Coupe) and Wolf (Derek Wilson), two characters from the ‘Biotic Wars’ video game, who enlist Josh to help prevent the real Biotic Wars.

Hunter said:

“The first season was about two people coming from a horrible future and trying to prevent those events from happening through some time-travel antics.  This season is about how our three main characters, who return to this future 2162 — they’re forced to live with the consequences of all their missions in the past.


“There’s some jumping around, but for the most part we really wanted to focus on them living in a certain future.  We spent the bulk of the second season world-building, and putting them in some strange worlds and having them having to figure those out.… Josh is thrust into this future world, and he’s the fish out of water for the most part.”

Shaffir added:

“The first season is about them trying to change the future, and this season is about them going to the future they changed and having to live with the consequences.  The bulk of the season takes place in the distant future, in 2162, but there’s still some time traveling that is going to happen.”

Here is a glimpse of the returning champions:

There are also going to be several new characters introduced.  While Hunter and Shaffir don’t mind sharing a look at them, they don’t want to reveal too much about who they are.

As Hunter said:

“This is a new future that they created. And a different timeline, so there’s new characters to introduce and explore.  Because it’s a serialized show, there’s so many things we don’t necessarily want to give away.”

If it helps, Jade Catta-Preta and Timothy Horner were previously announced as recurring cast members and Catta-Preta was said to be playing a character named Level while Horner plays Lathe.  Both are described as “integral member[s] of a unique family group that Wolf becomes a part of thanks to a case of mistaken identity.”

There is also a glimpse of Josh in chains.  Hunter disclosed, “He’s in various stages of a mess of a life, so yes, in some of those stages, he is enslaved… He came from the highest place at the end of last season, and he will really wallow in the depths.”  Shaffir added, “It’s not a good future for Josh.”

No matter how bleak things might get for Josh, don’t expect him to lose his sense of humor or to drop the pop culture references.  “That’s ingrained in Josh’s character,” as Shaffir stated. “He sees situations and likens them to certain movies, so we definitely still have some references.”  In particular, Hunter and Shaffir say to look forward to references to ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Back to the Future’.

‘Future Man’ returns to Hulu on January 11, 2019.

Source: Entertainment Weekly