The Walking Dead

‘The Walking Dead’ is about to enter its ninth season and the first few minutes of the premiere have been released by AMC!

The first episode of the new season, titled, ‘A New Beginning,’ shows Rick Grimes leaving his house to see Michonne and Judith together in Alexandria. The group is not gearing up for a fight for the first time in what seems like years.

The Sanctuary is also featured in the footage, with the remaining Saviors trying to make what used to be a factory work as a farm. Daryl, who seems to be the new leader of their group, shoots down the dead they had hanging up as a warning.

The footage also shows Rick and others riding on horseback into Washington D.C., with Rick clubbing down walkers with Michonne at his side. The first few minutes serve to show that the gang is all here to get used to the new way of life post war.

‘The Walking Dead’s’ new showrunner Angela Kang had a desire to take the show back to what fans had come to love. In a recent interview, Kang said:

“For the people who know the comic, there is this time jump. So it kind of takes the show and the books, into sort of this interesting almost like western/agrarian vibe. That was something I really wanted to capture for the show.”

She continued, saying:

“I also was such a fan of the pilot and so I wanted to kind of try to, aspire to, recapture some of that feeling of the silences and those beautiful wide landscapes, and just the loneliness that can be in the world. Except now, we’re in a part where we really see that the characters have found this group and they’re very tight with each other. So, you get to feel that the warmth between them while there’s also conflict.”

‘The Walking Dead’ returns for its ninth season on October 7, 2018 on AMC. Check out the first few minutes of the season below!