It’s been two weeks since the episode seven of Game of Thrones aired and the anticipation for the fight between Prince Oberyn “The Red Viper” and Ser Gregor Clegane “The Mountain” has reached a fever pitch. Of course, the climactic battle in “The Mountain and the Viper” is only one part of an interesting episode. With only two episodes left in the season, the tension will reach an all time high. Before we get to that point however, we need to take care of some business first. So without further ado, here is the official recap for ‘Game of Thrones’ episode eight “The Mountain and the Viper.”


A few episodes back, Sam sent Gilly and her baby to Molestown in order to keep her safe. She’s been working as a maid in the brothel ever since, but her presence has rubbed some people the wrong way, especially one of the women who work there. The woman in question confronts Gilly about her baby. Apparently the child’s crying has been keeping her up at night. She threatens to kill the child, but Gilly doesn’t take the threat seriously. She was one of Craster’s wives/daughters. She definitely knows how to take care of herself. Before the conversation could escalate however, Gilly hears strange noises outside the brothel. Apparently the wildlings have come to Molestown. Ygritte and her merry band of misfits raid the town, killing everyone in their path. When Ygritte finds Gilly and her baby however, she decides to let them live.

Castle Black

Jon, Sam and other members of the Night Watch find out about the attack on Molestown. They contemplate their next move and whether or not they should have helped out the people in Molestown. Jon says running to their rescue would be playing into Mance’s hands and they can’t do that. Sam’s concern was for Gilly but one of his Night Watch brothers told him that Gilly is strong and most likely survived the attack.


The Unsullied and Dany’s handmaiden Missandei are bathing in a river together when Missandei notices Grey Worm staring at her. She later tells Dany about the situation and they contemplate the process of castration. Later, Missandei and Grey Worm meet in the throne room. Missandei did not mind that Grey Worm saw her and he did not regret the situation either.

Moat Cailin

Ramsey Snow reminds Theon Greyjoy to impersonate…well Theon Greyjoy. Let’s not forget that at this point in the story, Theon has been tortured and brainwashed by Ramsey and is now known as Reek, his servant. So Reek, or in this case Theon, does what he is told. He goes to the men at Moat Cailin, declares that he is Theon Greyjoy and asks the men to surrender. After some bickering, the men ultimately decide to comply with the request, on the condition that they would get to return home. Theon agrees but Ramsey has other ideas. He kills and tortures the men. Roose Bolton shows up to the scene and, delighted with his son’s work, gives Ramsey his last name.


The Eyrie

Littlefinger is being questioned by a council of elders in regards to Lady Lysa’s death. Littlefinger claims it was suicide but the council doesn’t believe it. Before Littlefinger can defend himself, the council calls in Sansa. She introduces herself as Alayne, Littlefinger’s niece. Sansa however, quickly reveals her true identity as a Stark and proceeds to tell the council that Lysa jumped out the Moon Door. Her testimony is so convincing that the council decides to drop the charges and let Littlefinger go. They contemplate the future of the Vale and Littlefinger tells the elders to support Lord Robin.


Lord Tywin might be at King’s Landing, but his power stretches all the way to Meeren. A few episodes back, he asked Mace Tyrell to write a letter for Ser Barristan. Well in this episode, Barristan receives the letter and discovers that Ser Jorah was spying for Varys. He confronts Jorah before going to Dany. When Dany hears about Jorah’s betrayal, she calls him into the throne room and demands to hear his side of the story. Jorah eventually admits to spying on her and Dany kicks him out of Mereen.

The Eyrie

Littlefinger goes to Sansa’s chambers and asks why she decided to save him. She ultimately tells him that for now, she is safer with Littlefinger than anyone else. Looks like Sansa is finally learning how to play the game of thrones.
Later, Littlefinger talks to Robin and tells him that it’s time he goes out into the world. He needs to make the most of his life while he still has it. At that moment, Sansa walks down the stairs wearing a tight fitting black outfit and sporting dyed hair. I’m not sure if this is her way of seducing Littlefinger to get what she wants, but it will be interesting to see how this story line plays out in the remaining two episodes.

The Hound and Arya finally reach the Vale only to learn that Lady Lysa is dead. Upon hearing the news, Arya loses it and cackles like a mad woman. I guess after an entire season of traveling on foot, she has gone a little crazy. Or maybe she feels like the rest of us and is tired of the near-miss Stark reunions.

King’s Landing

Tyrion and Jamie have a bonding moment in the dungeons where Tyrion talks about their cousin Orson who used to kill beetles for no apparent reason. Tyrion obsessed over it for a long time, but he could never figure his cousin out. I’m not exactly sure what purpose this story served, but I believe that the writers were trying to show that sometimes there is no reason for killing. People like the Mountain rape and murder because that’s who they are.

In no time at all, the fight begins. Oberyn goes into the battle confident that he will win. In a scene reminiscent of The Princess Bride, Oberyn recites the name of his sister and demands that the Mountain confess to the crime. Things seem to be going to Oberyn’s way, for he stabs the Mountain and gets him on his back. Alas, Oberyn’s fatal flaw is his desire for revenge and rather than finish off the Mountain, he leaves him on the ground and commands that Gregor Clegane say his sister’s name. Out of nowhere, the Mountain gets on top of Oberyn, says Elia Martell’s name, and then crushes his head.

And just like that, Tyrion’s fate is sealed. Tywin sentences his son to death.

Next week, the Mance Ryder and the wildlings finally reach Castle Black. Stay tuned for the biggest battle in Game of Thrones history.