The largest motivating force we’ve seen from ‘Constantine’ that kicked off in the first season of his own show was “the Newcastle Incident” and it doesn’t sound like being on ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘ is going to change that. For those who need a refresher from the stand-alone show or didn’t know of ‘Constantine’ before his appearance on ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ this moment shaped part of the character’s persona. When the series started on NBC, John and his friends ended up accidentally sending a young girl named Astra to Hell. This event still haunts John, and now that he has access to time travel through the Waverider, it seems like this is a pretty easy fix.

Matt Ryan was recently asked specifically how his character of John Constantine would deal with having access to time travel and potentially a way to save Astra. Things are never quite that easy when it comes to Constantine however:

“That was, kind of, one of my first questions, actually, when I was asked to do Legends of Tomorrow in Season 3. I was like ‘They have a time ship, you know? One of John’s biggest emotional drives is the Newcastle Incident and what happened with Astra. Wouldn’t he just like jump in the time ship and go back and sort that out?’ So that was one of my biggest questions. I think that that is something that’s always going to emotionally drive John, but there’s other things at play here. So, you know, we’ll see.”

Constantine could quite very well be busy with preventing the world from ending in the upcoming season, but this is an area I don’t feel will go untouched entirely by the time it ends. That would be a real disservice to the fans.

Do you feel that ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ will revisit “the Newcastle Incident” at some point? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ returns to The CW on Monday, October 22nd, 2018 at 9/8c.

Source: Comic Book