Paul Schrier Jason Narvy

When you think of the original ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ series, it’s pretty much impossible to forget two of the series early antagonists turned comic relief, Bulk & Skull. What most people fail to realize though is that as the show went on, and new cast members were rotated in and out of the Ranger outfits, Bulk & Skull remained steady as some of the only tried and true characters to carry on for the first seven seasons of the show. They managed to stick around until ‘Power Rangers: In Space’ brought a proper end to the ‘Zordon Era’ of the franchise only to see it relaunched with an all-new cast the following season.

Actor’s Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy (Bulk & Skull respectively) managed to outlast literally every single lead cast member across the entire series, with Paul holding the record for ‘Most Appearances’ on the Power Rangers series. This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the ‘Power Rangers’ franchise, and in turn, of Bulk & Skull! We thought that was something worth celebrating, so we recently sat down with the dysfunctional duo, Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy themselves, to talk about their experiences with the ‘Power Rangers’ franchise and where Bulk & Skull are now a quarter of a century later! Check out our full interview below!

Science Fiction (SF): This year marks the 25th anniversary for the ‘Power Rangers’ franchise! The show has gone on to become such an iconic piece of pop culture history, and you were both with the show at the very beginning! Did you ever imagine it would become the phenomenon that it did?

Jason Narvy (JN): Well, it has been extremely iconic!

Paul Schrier (PS): No we did not! We definitely did not. In fact, we saw the footage- the Japanese footage, and when they finally decided to show it to us, and we were like “this sucks! This is dumb”

JN: (while laughing maniacally in the background) Yeah! We said, “it looks dumb!”. That’s worth keeping for posterity!

PS: you know when you laugh you sound like an elk who is dying!

JN: I am dying! (Jason continues to make a sound that can only be described as a mixture of a laugh and a scream, which leads Paul to make a similar sound).

PS: And that, is my dying elk mating call. “Help I’m dying please date me!”

SF: So Bulk and Skull started off as kind of the bullies on the show, but as the seasons went on, became much more altruistic and even heroic characters! How much input did you have as far as your characters’ development?

JN: Oh I like your use of altruism! That is wonderful

PS: Well, all-of-that-was-true-ism! We did have some impact on the development of the characters, to some extent.

JN: That’s the way it is with a lot of shows, no matter what. Sometimes they write the script and don’t know what it’s really supposed to be until they get those actors in those parts! So all actors, in some ways, guide where their character is going to go.m, you know?

PS: Although there was definitely an effort on the part of the producers to make them protagonists rather than antagonists. Because the bully thing wasn’t really going to last for much longer.

JN: And they needed the comedy, that’s for sure!

PS: That’s for damn sure!