With ‘Arrow’ set to premiere its 7th Season in a little over a month, it is odd to think about how the CW’s flagship series got its start and the movie that inspired its creatives to make the choices they did in the beginning. Despite what fans initially thought, this was not a spin-off from ‘Smallville’ featuring the “Ollie” they had already met on that series. Rather, it was something else entirely. A few would be surprised to learn where the inspiration for the much darker and grittier tone came from.

According to series star Stephen Amell:

“When the show started the inspiration for the first season was absolutely, positively The Dark Knight. When I was sitting in [Arrow pilot director] David Nutter’s office, it was just photos of The Dark Knight. That was the inspiration for the first season.”

And it seems, that is a direction they would like to continue, even into the 7th season, though Amell has also stated that they are making some new choices this season as well:

“I think that we’re going to lean more into the comic, and canon, version of the Green Arrow this year. The show is the show, and I am me. I feel like I’m in the greatest show right now.”

When asked about any other plans for the new season, especially ones tying back to the source comic and expanding on Oliver’s life now that he has been outed as the Green Arrow and is spending time in prison, Amell said he is very excited about the possibilities:

“I think that’s one of the things I’m getting out of what they’ve planned for season seven – we’re not writing like we’re guaranteed something beyond this, because we’re not; nobody is. I want them to really push forward and take the fact we have a certain license and a certain respect from the fans to take some chances.”

Despite whatever one may think of where ‘Arrow’ is creatively nowadays, you cannot deny the show’s longevity or willingness to take chances and try to reinvent itself. I hope it works out for them this year. I am greatly looking forward to seeing how the series works with the new status quo.

What are your thoughts on where ‘Arrow’ is heading in Season 7? Do you think it will ever live up to its gritty roots? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Comicbook