Dark Phoenix

The deal between 20th Century Fox and Disney may be looming on the horizon, with the inevitable shake-ups to everything 20th Century Fox has built in terms of the ‘X-Men‘ franchise and its spin-off films, but until then, we still have at least one more major film left for the franchise. Luckily for us, the studio has finally released a trailer for the latest ‘X-Men’ film, ‘Dark Phoenix,’ which, as many already know, has gone through its own unique set of challenges to get here. From the uncertainty of the aforementioned company mergers to numerous delays and re-shoots, we now know the film is coming out on February 14th 2019, and the trailer actually looks pretty good.

Now granted, Simon Kinberg may have done wrong by the fans during his first foray into the ‘X-Men’ universe with that botched portrayal of the Phoenix saga in ‘X-Men: The Last Stand,’ but this time around he seems hell-bent on correcting that mistake, and the trailer shows it. The Phoenix threat looks to be properly coming from space this time around, as the trailer shows shots of the team heading into orbit for a rescue mission, where ostensibly they will encounter the “Phoenix force” which will take over Jean. The trailer does a good job of keeping the plot somewhat mysterious though, as we still do not know much about Jessica Chastain’s villain (who only appears in a handful of shots here), but the rest of the returning cast (Fasssbender, McAvoy, Lawrence, etc) all look primed and ready for what may turn out to be their final X-adventure. I am hoping they go out with a bang before the big changes hit.

Check out the new trailer for yourself below, and feel free to share your thoughts about it and the future of the ‘X-Men’ movie franchise in the comments section!