Lucifer Deceptive little parasite

Okay everyone, it’s time to talk about our feelings.

Well, at least for Lucifer it is.

Lucifer trying to channel his inner rage to light the Flaming Sword.
Lucifer trying to channel his inner rage to light the Flaming Sword.

Picking up minutes after last week’s revelation that Azrael’s Blade and the Flaming Sword of Eden are one and the same, Momma Charlotte begins her push for Lucifer to use the Blade to cut through the Pearly Gates and regain their access to Heaven. She realizes that Lucifer’s anger is key to igniting the Blade but, for some reason, Mr. Morningstar is having trouble connecting with those primitive emotions.  So what’s a Heavenly outcast to do?

Why take his troubles to a high-end private school that specializes in emotional balance, of course.

Unlike last week (and, to be honest, much of the season), this week’s procedural case in Lucifer is somewhat interesting and, more importantly, is directly in line with the overall theme: how we process our emotions. We all know our titular character is a master of deflection and no one is more familiar with that aspect of Lucifer’s persona than Dr. Linda. Though Lucifer goes to her in an attempt to channel the emotions needed to light the Blade, Dr. Linda comes to realize that there’s a deeper meaning to the Lucifer’s cool façade. She tells him that emotions can’t be controlled; rather they must be accepted and explored before one can deal with them.

Enter the case of the week. The murder victim is the administrator to this prestigious school and, as we explore more about the school set up, the high-society parents and faculty, despite the school’s premise that it shows kids how to control their emotions, it’s nearly an impossible task. Lucifer even “borrows” Trixie—aka the “Deceptive Little Parasite”—for his personal mission of mastering the emotional. Though kids are generally less in control of their emotional states, in a moment of honesty, Trixie opens up about the role she’s playing: going about as if things are okay despite the sadness and fear that welled up in her when Chloe was nearly killed. It comes as no surprise that Lucifer is wearing the same mask and, after the case is solved and he meets with Dr. Linda for a second go-round, realizes that he can’t channel the anger to light the Blade because he has walled up the emotions stirring within him since he discovered God maneuvered Chloe into his life and Charlotte’s role in the charade.

“The only way to get over that pain is to go through it.”

This is probably as close as Lucifer and Chloe will be to holding hands for awhile.
This is probably as close as Lucifer and Chloe will be to holding hands for awhile.

Though his cavalier attitude often masks his true feelings, Dr. Linda’s words on forcing yourself to go through the pain is a scary proposition for anyone, let alone a self-absorbed celestial being who wants nothing more than to maintain an air of control. Allowing himself to feel the pain of Charlotte’s betrayal and its effect on his relationship with Chloe is a big step, one that he eventually does take but at a great cost to his own psyche. Opening himself up to the pain is the charge the Blade needs but Lucifer cannot hold it. Only Amenadiel sees the cost to Lucifer’s psyche, even pushing away Charlotte and her overt sense of urgency. It’s not until she’s alone that we understand that Charlotte’s insistence is because she’s living on borrowed time.

Post Script

Ever since day one, we’ve always known that Lucifer was king of the deflection. Whether it be twisting someone’s advice to his liking or glossing over the depths of his emotional distress, Lucifer has never been one to truly express his emotions. There have been glimpses of it: the various stages of anger and grief he’s felt, acknowledging his feelings for Chloe prior to the Winter/Spring break, but each and every one of those situations ended poorly. Thus it’s not a surprise that Lucifer’s wishes to stay as far away from that vulnerability as possible. So what does that mean for Charlotte? Lucifer wants her to pay more than anything but is he willing to confront the pain needed to light the Flaming Sword? And then there’s Chloe. She showed that she’s still not over her and Lucifer’s “almost but not” confessional and neither is he. Unless Lucifer’s willing to risk it, the duo will remain in the uneasy partner/friendship pattern that’s rife with uneven footing.

Lucifer: “Deceptive Little Parasite”