Bruce Greenwood

The casting for the live-action adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Doctor Sleep‘ continues to move forward as Bruce Greenwood (‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’,’American Crime Story’) has just joined the film’s production. Mike Flanagan both wrote and is directing the sequel to ‘The Shining’ but he isn’t being too open in the way of details. That, of course, means that we have no idea as to exactly who Greenwood will be playing in the movie.

What we do know is that he’ll be working across from Ewan McGregor as Danny Torrance as an adult. It will also include Rebecca Ferguson as Rose The Hat who is the leader of a cult that feeds off the “steam” which is created by anyone who uses the shining and her main target is Abra Stone who is being played by Kyliegh Curran. Also in the film will be Carl Lumbly, Alex Essoe, and Zahn McClarnon in major parts. When we check back in with Danny he is now in his 40’s and is trying to recover from the anger issues and alcoholism which his father had in the first film and novel which it was based upon.

It isn’t clear if Flanagan is planning to make this a sequel to the novel, the book, or a hybrid of the two. However, as the book ignored the changes from the iconic Stanley Kubrick and King has notoriously hated the movie it wouldn’t surprise me if any direct mention of the changes that the movie did weren’t referenced here at all. We’ve heard that it is planning on being “very faithful” to the novel but that doesn’t mean the studio won’t want to attempt to tie it into the Kubrick’s film.

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Source: Deadline Hollywood