Generally you know that you’re in for a good time when Jackie Earle Haley (‘Watchmen’,’RoboCop’) joins a film and now he hasn’t just joined  one genre project but two: the adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘The Dark Tower‘ and Amazon’s reboot of ‘The Tick‘! Haley has been racking up the genre work in the last decade and even when a film falls short, it clearly isn’t from his acting. For those who prefer Haley to not be on the side of angels, you’ll be quite happy to hear that he’ll be playing a villain in both of these.

First up we’ve learned that he’ll be joining ‘The Dark Tower’ as Richard Patrick Sayre, a vampire leader that quite literally fears no one. He is not only a high-ranking Can-Toi or Low Men but also works for the Sombra Corporation. While not one of the major villains of the series he pops up quite a few times and constantly gets in the way of our heroes. I suspect with Haley involved we’ll see Sayre pop up a little more often than he did in the novels, or at least in more memorable circumstances.

Iin ‘The Tick,’ Haley will be the central enemy known as The Terror. He is the leader of one of the largest crime syndicates to exist. Once he was one of the most powerful villains in the world and due to old age has become an ancient criminal mastermind who has to rely on others to do his bidding. He has kept his minions in line by pure tenacity and is physically no match against anyone at the point when the Tick meets him. That is, of course, how he was previously portrayed. There is no word as to if Haley’s take on the character will have him slightly younger and revitalized though I suspect he’ll be similar to how they’ve used him in the past.

Are you happy to here that Jackie Earle Haley is giving us a double dose of genre films? Are you looking forward to seeing him more in ‘The Dark Tower’ or ‘The Tick’? Share your thoughts below!

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