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First, on ‘Gotham’, there was Cameron Monaghan as Jerome Valeska who everyone thought would end up as Joker. With his death, the mantle appeared to pass to his twin brother Jeremiah. Now it seems we may not have yet met the Joker at all. ‘Gotham’ writer and producer Tze Chun accidentally tweeted an image that showed upcoming episode scripts for the final season of the series which quickly had to be deleted. The reason? The cover which he shared was of the fourth episode of the fifth season and was titled “Ace Chemicals.”

Even those who aren’t the biggest DC fans are likely familiar with the fact that Ace Chemicals is where the Joker is often the location where the man who would become Joker fell into a giant vat of chemicals. Coming out of the mix his skin was permanently made pale, and he had ended up giving into insanity and become the villain who forever haunts Batman and Gotham City. Now, we’ve seen a large variety of origins over the years but this is one of the most well-known ones so to include “Ace Chemicals” and tag the tweet with #Joker on top of that makes us think that we’ll finally be seeing who the television version of the character is.

It could very well be that the cunning Jeremiah will fall into a batch of chemicals and come out with a mind as twisted as Jerome’s but it could also mean that we see someone else rise up with a haunting laugh that will put fear into the hearts of Gotham. I think using these chemicals to give Jeremiah the look and madness of his brother while keeping his intelligence would be the perfect mix to provide us with a take that is closer to both the comics and films that we’ve seen before. Either that, or someone else is going to end up as Batman’s nemesis, and you can only hope that they wrap up Jeremiah’s story in a fitting way with how much fans have taken to loving his acting so far.

Do you feel that the “Ace Chemicals” will introduce ‘Gotham’ to the real Joker or will this episode be responsible for turning Jeremiah into the final take of the Clown Prince of Crime? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Comic Book