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We’re all still in mourning over the loss of Stan Lee, but Roy Thomas has shared that The Man was “ready to leave this Earth.” For those unfamiliar with Marvel history, Thomas was the Editor-in-Chief who took over once Lee stepped down from the job. The two old friends were able to meet this past Saturday, and Thomas took a picture with the legend which may very well have been his last time in front of the camera.

The two talked about old times, and even though Lee was ready for the end, he was still excited for the future while he still had time. He was also eager to do more cameos in future films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe had circumstances worked out different.

According to Thomas:

” I’m sadder than I can say that Stan has died… even though I know, from my recent phone conversations with him, that he was more than ready to leave this Earth. I’m so grateful that, by sheer circumstance, I got to spend a half hour or so with him this past Saturday, less than 48 hours before he passed away.

At that time, it was obvious that he lacked much of the old Stan Lee energy that everybody had got to know at conventions and in movie cameos, but when I asked him about future cameos, he expressed a real interest in making them, if he could find a way to do it without there being too much trouble. He asked me about Dann and all the animals on our place (Dann had, at his request, sent him a DVD we made for him a couple of years ago), and got fairly animated when talking about his battles with publisher Martin Goodman over doing Spider-Man.
I opined as how maybe the one important creative decision Goodman ever made was when he commissioned Stan to create a super-hero group back in 1961. Stan seemed to get a kick out of that. He posed for a couple of pictures with me, and then the last one with me and my friend and manager John Cimino, who had worked (in concert with Stan’s buddy and handler Jon Bolerjack) to arrange for Stan and me to get together one more time. But I wish I could look forward to seeing him and sparring around with him again. Still, I consider myself so very lucky to have known and worked with him for so many years… one of the most important mythmakers of the 20th century.”

While the loss of Stan Lee is tragic to friends and fans around the world, we’re at least grateful that he was ready for the end to come and that he was able to spend his last days with a visit from one of his oldest friends.

“ ‘Nuff said… Excelsior!”

Source: Bleeding Cool