If you’ve got DC superheroes and time travel, it seems there are certain characters and eras that must be visited!  We previously reported that the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ would encounter wild west bounty hunter Jonah Hex, played by Jonathan Schaech.  Now comes word that these time-tossed champions will also encounter DC’s most famous military hero, Sgt. Rock.

The DC Instagram account posted this teaser, featuring Rock’s bullet-riddled helmet and a caption which mentions Easy Company, the squad that Rock commanded in his long-running comic series.

Check it out below:

Created by writer Robert Kanigher and artist Joe Kubert, Sgt. Frank Rock debuted in 1959’s ‘Our Army At War’ #83, although his adventures were set over a decade earlier during World War II.  Rock’s original tales seemingly took place in the real world, devoid of colorful superheroes, but over time– thanks to time travel and other means– he was woven into the tapestry of the mainstream DC Universe.  The character appeared steadily in DC Comics into the 90s, but his history is debatable.  In some tales, he survived into the present and even interacted with characters such as Superman, Lex Luthor and the Suicide Squad.

However, creator Kanigher disliked these interactions and declared that in his mind, Rock and Easy Company died at the close of WWII, with Rock killed by the last enemy bullet fired during the conflict.


There have been many attempts to adapt Sgt. Rock to live action, including a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger attached to star, but they never came to fruition.  The character was brought to life in animation on ‘Justice League’ and ‘Batman: The Brave & The Bold’.

In addition to Rock and Hex, the ‘Legends’ crew will also encounter several Golden Age superheroes: Hourman, a hero who gains his powers by taking pills, which was later depicted as parable for drug addiction; Sandman, not the supernatural lord of dreams, but the 40s era noir detective; and the original Red Tornado.  Though ‘Supergirl’ depicted the more familiar android Red Tornado, that character is not directly connected to the vintage hero of the same name– a tough older woman who donned a homemade costume of red long johns and a cooking pot on her head to clean up her rough neighborhood.

No actor has been announced to be playing Rock, nor is known in which episode he will make his debut.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ airs on The CW on Thursday nights at 8pm  ET/PT.

Source: Cinema Blend