Thank goodness Robert Zemeckis made the ‘Back to the Future‘ trilogy when he did! During an interview with Yahoo News to promote his latest film ‘The Walk,’ the iconic director stated that he believes the ‘Back to the Future’ movies would’ve failed if he made them today.

Zemeckis told Yahoo movies that with the modern trends in filmmaking, the chances of ‘Back to the Future’ getting green-lit would be zero. And if it did, it would tank.

“Sadly, I don’t think anyone would make that film today. I don’t think the audience would understand it or have the interest in seeing that movie. I mean a lot of people would but it would never become the number one box office hit of the year.”

Zemeckis stated that today’s landscape in filmmaking requires creators to fashion their movies to fit a specific genre. Movies that mix in multiple genres like ‘Back to the Future’ don’t exist anymore.

“I think that what’s happened is that films have fallen into slots or categories. One of the things that’s unique about ‘Back to The Future’ is that back in the days when we had video rental stores they never knew what shelf to put it. They didn’t know if it was a comedy or should be in the science fiction section or the period movie section. They didn’t know where to put it and that’s what makes it unique and what gives it such longevity.”

Unfortunately for Zemeckis, his latest movie ‘The Walk’, which IMDb categorizes as an adventure, biography and drama, didn’t fare so well at the box office. It did get a pretty good review on Rotten Tomatoes, but it didn’t succeed at the box office.