The Flash

Season Five of ‘The Flash’ is upon us! In anticipation, the CW has released a slew of images that give us a preview of what to expect from Barry (Grant Gustin) as he comes head to head with a new big bad and adjusts to life with a daughter.

The photos show Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) already coming into her own by donning a suit to match her powers. Nora appears as her alter ego XS and looks to spend a good amount of time reuniting with her mom and dad. She will also be teaming up with the Flash to fight against Gridlock, another villain that will be introduced in the premiere for Season Five. The photos also highlight various other characters, and the return of Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale). They also show Iris holding her newborn half-sister!

The photos don’t show off the new ultimate big bad for the upcoming season, Cicada (Chris Klein). In the ‘Flash’ comic series, Cicada acts as the leader of a cult of people that kill everyone the Flash saves. ‘Flash’ showrunner Todd Helbing gave a statement regarding taking inspiration from the comics, saying:

 “What we do on our show is always inspired by it. So we’ve changed a lot of it to create a story that, or a villain that’s formidable in a way that we haven’t done before.”

Check out the slew of images from the season below!


‘The Flash’ returns to the CW on Tuesday, October 9.