David Tennant Talks About Returning As Kilgrave On 'Jessica Jones'

With David Tennant‘s Kilgrave dying in the first season of ‘Jessica Jones‘ and virtually returning in the second season fans have wondered if he could be back for more and now the actor has opened up a bit on the idea. Tennant doesn’t directly say if there are any plans for him to return or not but does seem open to the possibility if the right conditions came up.

So how could he return? According to Tennant:

“I don’t want to give spoilers, but for anyone who got to the end of the series, I’m not in a great state.”

As far as we all know he is dead, however, there is another route which could bring him back, and Tennant does share that, “Flashbacks, sure. Well, who knows. There are no immediate plans. But if there were immediate plans, I’d be denying them. So you know, who knows?”

Now, we all saw Jones snap Kilgrave’s neck to kill him off. However, in the comics not only does could he survive something like that but he is shown as powerful enough to make someone believe they had done that. It is quite feasible that what Jessica, and the audience, ended up seeing was just a figment of our imagination that was tailored to the viewer and created from Kilgrave’s mind. No matter how his return could happen, there is one key area that would need to be ironed out for Tennant’s return:

“Like with anything, any amount of research of the comic books — which is something I’m very happy to do, believe me, as a Marvel comic book reader from the time I was tiny, it’s very exciting to be in that world at all — but I say, it’s got to come down to the script.”

If he wanted to go back to being invisible and off the radar, having one of the few people out there who could kill him believe he is dead would be one way to do that. If he did feel even an iota of guilt over what he had done to Jones, which is unlikely, it could also have been done so she could move on with her life.

Would you like to see David Tennant return as Kilgrave on ‘Jessica Jones’? Do you think that the writers could give us a believable way on how to bring him back to the land of the living? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: Comic Book