Spoilers about the mid-season break are discussed in this this article

After the last episode of the most recent season of ‘The Walking Dead’, it seems highly unlikely that we’d be seeing any more of the Governor on the show. But hold your horses as David Morrissey says that might not be the case!

Well that’s not exactly what he says, but he does tease that the Governor might be back in some form! “Something happened to him. I feel like a shady politician where I can’t confirm and I can’t deny anything,” he hedges. “Certainly, bad things befell him at the end of the last episode but we just have to wait and see.”

The show hasn’t been ripe with flashbacks but that would be one way to extend Morrissey’s screen time. With his ending including a head shot from Lilly, we won’t see him shambling around as a Walker chasing after brains. What is another option? Well we could see someone searching what’s left of the prison for survivors and stumbling across his corpse (and maybe shooting it one last time for good measure) or perhaps someone came and removed his head as a trophy?

That’s three solid ideas right there in ways they could bring him back. Honestly I’d love to see Michonne return with a few others looking for Rick and finding a way to gloat over his corpse.

When not talking about any future role on the show he had a lot of good things to say about his experience with the highest rated show on television right now:

‘”The Walking Dead’ really has introduced me to a massive fanbase all over the world. It’s one of the biggest shows on TV. My fanbase in America has really grown, and I love that — they’re very vocal fans, and amazing and I find it so heart-warming to be amongst them — even though they boo me because I’m the villain! But that means I’m doing a good job.

It’s a show that really does punch large and I’m very proud to be associated with [it]. I love being on ‘The Walking Dead,’ I love playing the Governor and it’s given me such a great connection with the public.”

I guess we won’t know for a bit still what the Governor might still have in store for audiences but when ‘The Walking Dead’ returns on February 9th, we’ll hopefully have a better idea!

Source: Zap 2 It