bbt-wolkowitz-kitchen-with-rajLet me start off by saying I do still like ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ but as of late, it does seem as though the show is trading in some laughs for some more character moments and arcs, which is ok from a certain point of view, but it does make it harder to see the show in the same light that it once was, when it was hilarious. This episode definitely felt a lot more like a character piece, delving in Raj and Bernadette’s friendship in helping her deal with not being overly excited about the baby (handily solved by Raj’s OB/GYN father), Amy realizing she is popular at work and Penny being impressed at her friend’s popularity, and Sheldon realizing that he may not be as smart as he always tells people he is (a realization he came to after his caffeine addiction withdrawals).

bbt-penny-and-amy-with-bertThe Sheldon bit being peer pressed by ‘The Flash’ was pretty good however, though it was pretty out there and without explanation beside Sheldon’s exhaustion, though it does work with other hallucinations that Sheldon has seen in the past. The Penny and Amy at Bert’s depressing party storyline was not exceptionally funny, just more surprising with Amy being outed as the most popular girl on campus, and us learning Sheldon is popular because he dates her. Raj and Bernadette might have been the funniest pairing as they are not usually alone, and their opposite excitement levels in regards to the baby made for some funny moments, especially since Raj is not the father. The resolution of this storyline was probably the most satisfying though, as it tied back into Raj’s support for the couple and Bernie’s long-held doubts about being a mother, storylines that have been ongoing since last season. The main plot with the air force was kind of a let down as all the stress the guys were feeling about finishing the project was really easily solved by extending their deadline, which sucks as that stress and conflict was ripe for comedic opportunities.


The Dependence TranscendenceSHELDON: (after what appeared to be a long montage of Sheldon powering through his exhaustion to work)  I don’t think I can go on much longer…
LEONARD: It’s been three and a half minutes, wake up!

LEONARD: I had a good dream that when I carried you to bed I let your head hit the wall and I laughed.

FLASH: Know why Hulk is so strong? Steroids. Know why Batman wanders around at night getting into fights? Scotch.

AMY: (after Bert tells them his party is a bust and they can leave) I feel so bad about leaving him here!
PENNY: Huh, I was just thinking the same thing about you.

PENNY: So Amy’s cool, Sheldon’s cool, tell me about Leonard.
BERT: Who?

BERT: (after Penny makes her “granite” joke) You need to leave. I’m in love with both of you now.

All in all, not the best episode of the show I have ever seen, but it did have a couple of moments. I’m still hoping that they are still just warming up this season and we have some better episodes ahead. I hear next week Amy and Sheldon will be moving in together which will be fun, but I wish the show did not have to invent these crazy circumstances just to generate new comedy, as they used to have great episodes with the guys just sitting around the apartment. Of course, gotta keep in mind they are on the 10th season, so in a way we should just be happy the show delivers as well as it does and not pine for the good old days of the ‘Big Bang Theory.’



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