No, this is not another article discussing the pros and cons of Rian Johnson’s ‘The Last Jedi,’ but actually a discussion of how Dave Filoni’s ‘The Clone Wars’ series may have inspired/ affected the script for that movie, at least according to Johnson, who discussed as much with a fan on Twitter when said fan asked a very specific question about a ‘Clone Wars’ arc and how it might have affected some of the films. Check it out below:

So it seems that while in pre-production on ‘The Last Jedi,’ Johnson was encouraged by Filoni to check out some of ‘The Clone Wars’ episodes and apparently Johnson was especially intrigued by the “Mortis Arc” in the ‘Clone Wars. For anyone who does not know/ remember, it was a 3-episode arc in Season 3 where Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka happen upon a powerful Force-nexus type planet inhabited by 3 powerful beings, the “Father,” the “Son,” and the “Daughter,” who seem to be physical manifestations of the Force and its various aspects as they struggle to maintain balance.

So how does this tie into ‘The Last Jedi?’ Well in the film there is a lot of discussion of the “balance” of the Force, and Luke himself even discusses the fact that the Force is NOT for the Jedi alone, which seems to be harkening back to some of the lessons from the Mortis arc, which seemed to indicate that the cycle of light and dark were essential to the Force, and either side becoming TOO powerful was dangerous. This also ties into Luke’s explanation of why the Jedi fell at the end of the Old Republic, as they became too powerful and easily corruptible, blind to the decay happening all around them. It was also pointed out by some that there are some visual similarities between Mortis itself and Ahch-To, which we now know could have been purposefully done by Johnson to harken back to the Mortis arc.

Do you like to see the various films and shows of the new ‘Star Wars’ canon influencing and dovetailing with each other? Or do you wish everything was standalone like before Disney bought the franchise? Did you see the Mortis connections in ‘The Last Jedi’ when you first saw the film? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments below!

SOURCE: Screenrant