On the twilight hour of being released, ‘High Life’ has gotten North American distribution by A24. The sci-fi drama which was directed by Claire Denis (’35 Shots of Rum’) who also co-wrote the film with Jean-Pol Fargeau and Geoff Cox recently premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to positive reviews. It will be the first English-language movie which Denis has released.

‘High Life’ stars Robert Pattinson (‘Twilight’,’The Lost City of Z’), Juliette Binoche (‘Ghost in the Shell’,’Godzilla’), Mia Goth (‘A Cure for Wellness’,’Suspiria’), and André Benjamin (‘American Crime’,’Four Brothers’). While there is some talent here, you might not find a ton of likable characters as the movie takes place on a spaceship which is traveling and has a group of criminals on board. Each of them is there under false pretenses and believe that they’re being freed if they take part in a mission that will take them to a black hole that will allow them to locate an alternate energy source. However, they’re also being used for sexual experiments by the scientists on board. In ‘High Life,’ Pattinson’s character will be taking care of his baby daughter while on the ship.

A review of the movie has described it as:

“This kinky, often grotesque melding of genre science-fiction with all-out body horror is an audacious project, but the scope of its ambition is cleverly reined in by the low-key presentation, its more salacious potential muted down to an insistent threatening hum, like the background radiation of Stuart Staples’ score.”

It sounds like this is for anyone who loves horror that takes place in outer space which has an erotic twist to it.

Are you looking forward to being able to check out ‘High Life’ when it is released? D you think that this will get a limited theatrical run or head straight to home release? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Variety.