News broke yesterday that Henry Cavill was walking away from his role as Superman/Clark Kent in Warner Brothers’ DC Comics, but Cavill’s agent quickly refuted this, stating that he was staying put.  But it appears that this negative buzz was at least partly due to Cavill turning down a cameo role in next year’s ‘Shazam!’.

Umberto Gonzalez of Heroic Hollywood did some digging and seems to have uncovered what role Cavill was wanted for in that movie:

“Spoiler alert: For what it’s worth, the Superman cameo in Shazam! was supposed to be Clark at the end of the movie meeting with Billy Batson [Asher Angel] … telling him, ’Hey we’re gonna keep an eye on you,’ that kind of thing.”

It sounds like he would only have appeared as Clark Kent and not Superman, which would have made things a lot easier to film.  It’s already known that ‘Shazam!’ takes place in the same reality as the existing DC movies and there are specific references to the events in ‘Man of Steel’, ‘Batman V. Superman’ and ‘Justice League’.  A cameo would have simply cemented things a little and perhaps led to further involvement between Shazam and the greater DCU.

This is strictly a RUMOR, but there is some buzz that Cavill is upset that Warner Brothers doesn’t have any plans to showcase Superman in an upcoming movie.  After ‘Justice League’ performed so poorly, the studio is playing things by ear and waiting to see how well ‘Shazam!’ and ‘Aquaman’ do before committing to a specific direction.  ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is now filming to be released next winter, but beyond that, it seems that the only DC movies in any form of development are ‘Batgirl’, ‘Birds of Prey’, ‘New Gods’, ‘Green Lantern Corps’ and, perhaps most telling, ‘Supergirl’.  Once again, it’s just a RUMOR but some believe that WB is developing ‘Supergirl’ as a replacement for ‘Superman’ in their film universe.  If that is even the least bit true, it wouldn’t be too shocking to learn that Cavill was upset.

But for the time being, even though he won’t be in ‘Shazam!’, we may still get Henry Cavill in another ‘Superman’ film outing.

Source: Syfy Wire