And now we’re here, the final two episodes of ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2, and man, do they have a lot packed in. I am so happy this show managed to pull itself together for this second season, and these episodes really tied up a lot of loose ends, gave us a lot of action, and set the stage for the future of the the show. Starting off with the Danny and Colleen storyline, which is what everything really revolves around, Colleen is still reeling with the decision about whether or not to take the power of the Iron Fist, and speaks with Misty about the decision, who tells her Danny is a good guardian and keeper of the Fist, but assures Colleen that she would also prove to be an excellent hero with that power. Misty also brings other gifts for Colleen, in the form of police support for their war with Davos, and Frank Choy, who Colleen had been searching for earlier this season in connection with her family’s mysterious box and symbol. Choy reveals that a woman who could only be Colleen’s mother traded it to him for passage into the country, while telling a story about a pirate queen, which Colleen also remembers her mother telling her. Danny believes that story may actually be true, and tied to Colleen, but Colleen is overwhelmed by the revelations about her mom. Eventually they learn that the Triad members are meeting at the civic center to discuss their war on Davos, and Colleen and Danny head over to confront them, and they tell Mrs. Yang and the others that with the cops involved, they would now also have to face the police if they moved on Davos. While meeting, Davos’s army arrives at the center, spurring BB, who is also present, to give Danny and Colleen the bowl (and reveal Joy’s assistance), and head outside to confront his old friends and try to talk them down. Sadly for BB, they have all bought into Davos’s mission, and BB is stabbed repeatedly, with Colleen hurrying outside too late to save him, but just in time to beat down the thugs and teach them a lesson right before the cops arrive. BB dies, and Colleen realizes she is a leader in her community and should take the Iron Fist so she can help protect the people around her, including those like BB.

Meanwhile, inside, Danny tries to lead the Triad members out the back entrance to safety but they are confronted by Davos, who kills one Triad member before confronting the entire civic center, content with killing Triads and innocents who, in his mind, are guilty by association. Danny tries to talk down his old friend, even pretending to still be limping from his injury, but Davos is still too far gone, and he and Danny fight. Luckily, Danny and the center owner managed to procure some drugs from the confiscation bin which Danny uses to dose Davos and beat his friend in their duel, meaning they now have both an unconscious Davos and the bowl, and are ready for the ritual. Misty arrives with the cops who arrest the thugs, and Misty allows Colleen and Danny to take Davos back to their apartment for the Fist transferral, sending the Crane sisters to them, while she moves to take Davos’s hideout and find Joy, who they know must still be there, unaware that Davos tried to kill her earlier, and Joy is now wounded and badly injured and being guarded by Davos’s one-eyed lieutenant. When Misty arrives she has to battle the one-eyed man, and their duel is very interesting as her boxing style and super-arm have to go up against his martial arts, but she is saved by the timely arrival of Ward and Walker, who are on the prowl to bring down Davos now that Ward has provided the redacted intel to Walker (intel which she prompted burned after reading it and making sure that Ward did not read it). Ward takes Joy outside to get her an ambulance and help, and Walker stays behind with Misty, killing the one-eyed man, and knocking out Misty, as Walker’s primary purpose is still to kill Davos, and she sticks Misty in a cell and sets her trap.

Back at the apartment, the ritual goes mostly as planned, with the Crane sisters successfully giving Colleen a tattoo reminiscent of Danny’s on her arm, though altered to also look like her family logo, and they leave before Colleen and Danny attempt the official transference of the heart of the Dragon energy. Sadly, Davos wakes up mid-ceremony and uses his Fists to knock Danny and Colleen away, and flees the apartment, though Colleen’s glowing white fists reveals she got SOME of the energy, but not enough, as both she and Davos now both have part of the Dragon, and the splitting of that essence is hurting both of them terribly, and Danny worries it is enough to kill both of them. They leave the trashed apartment and chase after Davos, facing him down in an alleyway where their combined skills manage to take him down, but Davos has enough fight left in him to escape Danny (who has no power) and Colleen, who is still learning her own power and is suffering from the effects of having the split Dragon energy in her.

And that is where the penultimate episode ends! Plenty of loose ends for the finale to tie up, and I loved seeing how Colleen’s fist glowed WHITE, a sign of her moral purity and strength of character I think, though I did secretly hope there would be a way to split the energy between her, Davos, and Danny so they could all have Iron Fists (which would be fun to see in a fight), but the show seemed to go out of their way to state why that is not possible. Looking forward to seeing Davos V Walker in the finale, and to see how they wrap up the “who gets the Iron Fist?” plot point, though at this point it seems pretty clear that Colleen is the choice for the good guys. Also looking forward to seeing Misty free herself from that prison and take down Walker, because you know she is going to be pissed and want to get back at the woman for killing her attacker and knocking her out. See you back here soon for my FINAL ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 review!