Leslie Jones

Between her recurring gig on ‘‘Saturday Night Live’ and her work in recent films like ‘Ghostbusters: Answer the Call‘ and ‘Trainwreck,’ it’s nice to know that Leslie Jones still finds the time to obsess over her favorite TV shows, like most of us do.  With the impending cancellation of one of her must-watch series, Jones is taking her fandom to a level many of us might think about but seldom act upon: a nude demonstration.

After hearing the news that parent company NBC is on the verge of cancelling the time-travel drama ‘Timeless,’ Jones took to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction – and her plan to try and get the show back on the air.  Take a peek at the tweet in question for yourself:

Taking a good look over Jones’ Twitter feed, she routinely live-tweets during episodes of shows she enjoys, and it appears the second-season finale particularly got her goat – especially when she head the news of the series’ potential cancellation.

In a recent interview regarding shows that may or may not see cancellation this year, NBC entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt said:

“We try to give the producers [the courtesy] of letting their shows run and seeing what they do before we make a decision that’s premature. ‘Champions’ still has a few episodes to go, and ‘Timeless’ has its finale tonight, so we’ll make our decisions after that. … We’ll take a look at those shows after their runs and hopefully make a relatively quick decision on that.”

‘Timeless’ co-creator Eric Kripke, was quick to retweet Jones’ show of support, along with sending out his own message about the uncertain future of the show:

As official news of the fate of ‘Timeless’ becomes available, we will keep you updated!