After ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ came out, fans didn’t have too many great things to say about the latest big screen incarnation of the friendly neighborhood web-slinger. Not only were they fed up with the second attempt at a live-action Spider-Man series, but they were also a bit annoyed that it was coming so soon after Sam Raimi’s trilogy starring Toby Maguire. However, most can agree that the best thing about Marc Webb’s movies was their star Andrew Garfield and his portrayal of Peter Parker. Even the new Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the wall-crawler considers himself a fan, which means that Tom Holland might have trouble keeping Garfield’s representation out of his own.

In a series of recent interviews to promote his new movie ‘In the Heart of the Sea’, Holland talked about the last person to take up the mantle of Spider-Man. After explaining that he enjoyed his predecessor’s performance, the young actor that will make his MCU debut in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ next year teased that he may take elements of Garfield’s Spidey and incorporate them into his own: 

“I haven’t [met him], but I’m a huge fan of Andrew and he’s said some lovely things about me in the press the other day. He did such a good job as Peter Parker and it’s really difficult not to copy him because what he did was so perfect and obviously there are going to be things that I might steal, but I hope we get to meet and even work together in the future.” 

As the saying goes, if you’re going to steal, then steal from the best. In Holland’s mind, Garfield may be the best. Although there is probably a contingent of True Believers hoping that he takes a look at Maguire (pre-‘Spider-Man 3’) when forming his own iteration of the iconic superhero. Personally, I just hope that director Jon Watts and co-writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein write an interesting and engaging story for the young actor’s Spidey to thrive.

What do you think about Tom Holland’s comments regarding Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man? Would you agree that the former holder of the mantle could be classified as “perfect”? Sound off in the comments. 

Source: Comic Book Movie