Sneak peeks of Netflix and Dreamwork’s upcoming ‘She-Ra’ reboot have been sparse, but now we finally get to see Adora in all her glory! Teen Vogue released a new teaser that is short but shows Adora discovering her true destiny and transforming into She-Ra herself.

While the animation style is different from the ’80s classic, the iconic tagline, “by the power of Grayskull!” is exactly the same! The 2018 reboot is called ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power,’ which is slightly different than the original ‘She-Ra: Princess of Power.’

Noelle Stevenson, creator of ‘Nimona’ and ‘Lumberjanes,’ will bring the new She-Ra to life. In a recent interview about the new series, Stevenson said:

“I was really interested in finding what my next project would be, and finding something epic, serialized, action-adventure, fantasy, sci-fi…all of the things I wanted to do. ‘[She-Ra]’ has this majority female cast, it’s centered around a female hero, it’s got rainbows and it’s got robots, it’s got everything I like in one place.”

She continued, saying:

“We’ve really started from the same starting point where the original show started from because Adora has such a great backstory. She’s separated from her family as a baby, she’s sent to another planet, she’s adopted by the villain overlord and raised by him in this evil army. She’s been raised to believe that the villains are doing the right thing and that the Princesses are the evil ones. And so we follow her as she has this crisis of faith; she’s been very sheltered her whole life and as she starts to experience the world, she realizes that there’s more to this than she knew, that maybe there’s a reason they were called the Evil Horde…that maybe they were evil.”

Speaking about the character’s transformation from Adora to She-Ra, Stevenson said:

“As She-Ra, she doesn’t know how to act. This is all new to her, and it’s a little clumsy at first. It’s like an uncomfortable suit. She’s like, ‘Okay, here I am. I’m very glamorous, I’m very strong, people are looking up to me — because I’m very tall.’”

The new series ‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’ will hit Netflix on November 16. Check out the trailer below!