Electric Dreams

The idea of adapting Philip K. Dick‘s work in ‘Electric Dreams’ is an interesting one but also worrisome as to how it can turn out. Thankfully, Bryan Cranston is sharing details on the series, and it sounds like we might not have a reason to worry after all! While Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ tends to show us a darker future with brief bright spots here and there, one of the goals Cranston has with this is to be able to give hope. We’ll still be getting a look into a future full of confrontation and likely strife, but one that isn’t quite as jaded as those which we’ve seen quite a bit of as of late.

As to how that hope will be delivered, “It keeps coming back to positive relationships” and as he states:

“If there’s anything I think our world needs right now, it’s some positive storytelling, non-cynical positive storytelling. We’re in such anxiety right now, politically. The sexual politics of what’s going on with the predators, it’s disturbing. We need to tell stories that embrace everyone and respect everyone and give everyone space to be themselves without apology, and not be preyed upon.”

You can check out an amazing clip from the series below!


This 10-episode run kicks off today and will have a wide range of tales that will be shared with audiences. With a cast that includes Cranston, “Steve Buscemi, Anna Paquin, Terrence Howard, Greg Kinnear, Janelle Monáe, Vera Farmiga, and Maura Tierney” among others there will be plenty of talent in front of the camera. Behind it we know that Alan Taylor (‘Game of Thrones’), Ronald D. Moore (‘Battlestar Galactica’), and Dee Rees (‘Mudbound’) have all written or directed episodes as well.

Cranston is very passionate about what they put together here and is much of a fan as he is the creative force behind helping get these stories to screen:

“I will not do anything that doesn’t move me because otherwise, it’s just a job — and I don’t need a job. I had always been a fan of Philip K. Dick, and I love to tell stories, so when this opportunity came up, I jumped to be a part of it.”

This is very true as after ‘Breaking Bad’ Cranston has the ability to do just about anything that he’d like so being able to jump in on this because he wants to will hopefully translate to the screen when we get to see it.

One way that it is like ‘Black Mirror’ though is that we’re not just getting a dystopian future and the stories will be looking at actual human issues:

“If you look at it just briefly, the glimpsed opinion is that it’s a dystopian sci-fi show. But thematically, every episode has a relatable, useful human element to it, whether it’s tackling xenophobia, jealousy, greed, or privacy.”

I know what I plan to try and binge watch this weekend!

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Electric Sheep’? Do you feel that Cranston’s passion for the stories and what they’re trying to do will give us an even better experience? Share your thoughts below!

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