Darth Maul is the ex-Sith Lord that just won’t stay dead, and Sam Witwer was full of both “shock and disbelief” for his most recent outing of the character. While the timeline we see him at means that this isn’t another resurrection scenario, it was a surprise for those who didn’t watch ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars,’ ‘Star Wars Rebels‘, or read the books to find out that he was still alive and kicking.

Now, if you haven’t seen his most recent return this could be a bit of a spoiler as to when it happens so I’ll give you a chance to head back now. It is hard to imagine anyone missed the news with how widely it was covered even as a big surprise reveal.

We’re of course talking about Ray Park doing the live-action work with Sam Witwer voicing Darth Maul in his surprise inclusion in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story.’

As to returning to play the part again, Witwer has shared that:

sam witwer
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“I sure wasn’t expecting it. It was a little bit of a surprise. Look, it was shock and disbelief. I didn’t believe what I was being told, and furthermore, I didn’t know the story at the time, so it had to be explained to me what the significance of this whole plot was. And then getting on the phone with Ray Park and sharing our giddiness over the fact that we had the opportunity to do this. But yeah, look, I’ve publicly said goodbye to the Maul character I think twice. When Clone Wars was over, I think I did a few interviews where I said, ‘Ah, it was a wonderful time and I’m saying goodbye to the character.’ And then he was back for Rebels. And then after Rebels, he gets killed and I go, ‘Well, it was a wonderful run and I’m saying goodbye to the character.’ And then Solo…”

Even with it being incredibly popular with viewers, ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ massively underperformed at the box office which makes the continuation of the story as well as the return of Darth Maul again to live-action seem to be in doubt. Hopefully, it’ll happen but with LucasFilm as shrouded in mystery as Marvel Studios, it feels like we won’t be hearing anything until an official announcement is dropped.

Would you love to see Darth Maul return once more to live-action films and the tale of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ be continued? Share your thoughts below!

Source: io9