Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin made her last appearance as Rogue in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ in the revised timeline brought about by that film’s time travel shenanigans which apparently wiped out the events of the poorly received ‘X-Men 3: The Last Stand’, in which she gave up her mutant powers in order to pursue a romance with Iceman, Bobby Drake (Shawn Ashmore).  Her role in ‘Days of Future Past’ was supposed to be much larger, but most of her performance was cut for the theatrical release, to be reincorporated in the DVD release, dubbed ‘The Rogue Cut’.  But with all the reboots and recastings within the X-Men universe, it has been unclear if audiences would ever see the Academy Award winner in her iconic superhero role again.  Unfortunately, while Paquin says she would love to play Rogue again, she admits that it probably won’t happen.

While promoting her new film, ‘Tell It To The Bees’, Paquin spoke to Variety about the likelihood of her revisiting the ‘X-Men’ brand:

“If there was a way that it made sense for my character to be in the world, of course. I feel like that’s my film family, because I’ve been making those movies since I was 16. But there’s been so many spinoffs and reboots and TV shows, so I’m not sure where Rogue or the other original characters fit into the current plotlines, so it’s probably not going to happen.”

A few years ago, Paquin lamented the fact that the film version of Rogue didn’t have the powers that the comic book version stole from Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel, including super strength and flight.  As she wrote on Twitter, “comic book rogue gets to fly and I never did. I want to be badass rogue not shy teen rogue.”

But at this point, her “class” of X-Men have pretty much been written out and replaced by younger versions.  Plus, let’s not forget that 20th Century Fox has been bought by Disney.  Most likely, the entire ‘X-Men’ brand will be rebooted in years to come.  So if Rogue reappears on the big screen, the role will almost certainly be recast.

Are you sad that we may never get to see Anna Paquin in another film as Rogue?