I did not start off this week planning to write a review on the first issue of the new Daredevil. Right off the bat that should tell you something is up about this issue. It wasn’t editorial demand. It wasn’t even real curiosity as I bought this book on a whim. What it was is a mindbogglingly fun read and a return to the kind of Daredevil that you will enjoy each and every page of. I know you’ve heard it before, but if you have ever wanted to jump in on a Marvel comic that is getting a fresh start – THIS is that comic!

Everything in the world of Daredevil has flipped on him. After the last run the Man Without Fear has lost his license to practice law in New York. Everyone knows that he is Daredevil even though he is still trying to deny it. There is a lot going on here. More importantly, we have a newer more upbeat Daredevil. We have a man who has left his home state for another that will allow him to practice law. He’s actively working with the police as both an independent investigator and the Man Without Fear! He is actively embracing his Daredevil side and it really fits in a way that has been long missing from the comic.

Worried about not knowing enough on Daredevil to fit in? There is a beautifully illustrated splash page to give you a better idea of who he is and his origin. Here, take a quick peak (don’t worry, the one in the issue has text as well so the panels make sense. Also while I usually don’t include full page panels I really felt that the artwork had to be shown off.)

Enjoying that splash page? You’ll be enjoying all of the art throughout this issue! Chris Samnee really knocks it out of the park in giving us visuals that represent both what the world sees of Daredevil and what Daredevil sees of the world with his sonar like senses. Honestly it is one of the better portrayals of how he ‘sees’ that I think I’ve seen on page.

Daredevil might be embracing his superhero side but as a superhero he isn’t overly familiar with San Fransico. The buildings are too far apart and not high enough to give him the ease of transportation that he is used to. Also, he has no idea where areas are without help, though that is something he doesn’t seem to be lacking here.

Overall? This is probably the best ‘#1’ issue I’ve read out of Marvel since ‘X-Men: Legacy’ restarted giving us the amazing story of David Haller that I clearly am taken with. Those are big shoes to fill so I can’t say that this will be able to keep up the enjoyment of the first issue but for a jumping in point, a solidly constructed story and with some amazing visuals. I can say that this is almost a must buy for anyone out there. Oh, and they give us a pretty great cliffhanger to boot.


Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Chris Samnee