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With ‘Justice League’ right around the corner, it seems Warner Bros has decided it is time to really focus on the big brand-name characters in the film in their latest featurette, namely, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. True, these are the three who have already appeared in the DCEU the most in ‘Man of Steel,’ ‘Batman V Superman,’ ‘Suicide Squad,’ and ‘Wonder Woman,’ but it seems as though their dynamic is going to be a cornerstone of not only ‘Justice League’ the movie, but also the actual league going forward as well, especially in the way the three compliment and bring out the best in one-another, a transformation we already saw happening in ‘Batman V Superman.’ The featurette first points out how different all three of them are, starting with Diana, who has been in the world long enough to not just want to start punching and fighting every time a conflict arises, which is a little different from her male counterparts.

According to Gal Gadot:

“She has this thing inside of her that just pushes her and makes her want to do good, and to be proactive, and want to help, and want to do better. Fighting would be her last option.”

She is an essential part of making Batman into a team player and the leader of the League, and will also play a key role in helping Superman adapt to the world once he returns, and live with the burden of having such powers amongst mortal people, something she has had decades of experience with. In the words of writer Paul Dini:

“She works on them to bring out their better natures. She works with Superman to kind of ground him and takes him down a notch from his starry-eyed idealism because she’s been around for a long time. She really knows the history of the world and how people can behave…Batman, she continuously brings a little bit more of him into the light to try and break him out of his own shell to be more of a team player and to also discover elements of humanity that he has willfully discarded.”


Make sure to check out the full featurette for yourself above, which also features some fun footage from a few ‘Justice League’ panels, and also a brief part at the end where they discuss the roles of The Flash and Cyborg on the team, contrasting them with Diana who is clearly the oldest member of the team. And after you watch it, make sure to share your own thoughts on the big DC trinity of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman in the comments section below!

Source: Comicbook