iron fist

And we’re right back in the thick of things at the start of Episode 5 of ‘Iron Fist’ Season 2, with Mary (or should I say Walker?) leaving a bleeding out Danny on a bench near the docks, stopping only to take pictures and videos of our hero as proof for her benefactors. Danny is in for a rough day as he is woken up by what I assume to be a shot of adrenaline from Walker before she leaves, leaving him gasping in pain, struggling to stay alive as he makes his way through the docks searching for aid.

Sadly for him, he comes across the group of kids that had crossed paths with Colleen earlier this season, who recognize him and decide to sell him to the Triads, hoping to make a quick buck since they know he has been harassing both gangs in their war. They tie him up in chains, which Danny attempts to break with his Iron Fist, only to discover the fist is gone. Later, he overhears the guys talking about an attack where someone else is wielding the fist, and Danny realizes that Davos actually managed to steal the power from him. He begins pleading with the kids to help him out, appealing to the one who made a bond with Colleen a few episodes back to call her and let her know where he is. Luckily for Danny, the kid does just that.

Before that though, we see that Colleen is worried about Danny (because she heard the fight on the phone), and enlists Misty’s help in finding her boyfriend. They begin tracking him, asking Ward for help in tracking Joy and Mary’s fingerprints using Rand’s resources. Ward eventually informs them that Mary was a Rand contact and that she had a military background, which means she is bad news. Colleen gets a phone call from one of the gang members holding Danny and they arrive just in time to stop the kids from sawing off Danny’s hand, with Misty showing off just how bad-ass she is by talking down the kids from doing anything stupid without having to resort to any real violence.

They manage to bring Danny home, calling Ward for medical help. Ward shows up with his new girlfriend who is a nurse, and not at all happy about being used as a field medic but understanding the need for secrecy due to Danny’s status as head of Rand Enterprises, though she warns Ward never to call her for medical services again (if only Luke hadn’t driven CLAIRE out of town!!). She stabilizes Danny, and they start to formulate a plan with Ward’s first priority to check on Joy and make sure she is ok. He realizes her association with Davos might put her in danger from Walker or Davos, who they learn has apparently been out attacking Triad members, bringing his own brand of justice to the streets of New York’s Chinatown. Leaving Ward behind to keep an eye on Danny, Misty, and Colleen head out to check on Joy and bring her back to the apartment where she will be safe.

Davos spends the day terrorizing Triad members, hunting down and murdering them with the help of his new assistant, who offered to point Davos in the direction of all the criminals in Chinatown in return for his life, an offer Davos accepted to expedite his crusade and prove he is a better Iron Fist than Danny ever was. We learn his fist glows red, which I suppose reveals his is a corruption of the power. It looks like Davos is going further and further down a dark path toward the madness of power, and it might take a whole lot to stop him.

Meanwhile, Walker returns to Joy’s apartment and collects her payment after showing Joy the footage of a broken Danny on her phone, and warns Joy that Davos is a danger to her. Eventually, after speaking to Davos who tells Joy their partnership is not truly over and that he sees more potential for her, Joy hires Walker for protection, though Walker informs her the only way to truly be safe is for them to take out Davos before he decides to go after Joy. Their conversation however is interrupted by the arrival of Misty and Colleen who realize Joy is not alone. A fight ensues, and though Walker has the upper hand, eventually Misty has her at gunpoint and manages to handcuff the assassin and they all head back to the apartment to regroup.

Danny and Ward meanwhile bond a little bit with Danny explaining how he was losing control to the Fist, giving in to “the Dragon.” Ward explains that Danny’s words sounded like an addiction because they were similar to the stories he had heard in his NA meetings. Danny counsels Ward to express his true feelings toward his family and those he loves before it is too late. The guys have a nice moment and it is actually nice to see why Ward and Danny are still close after everything that has happened and that Ward actually does care about Danny. Of course, their time is interrupted by the return of Misty, Colleen, Misty, and Joy, and the revelation that Joy was a co-conspirator with Davos from the beginning who wanted Danny to suffer because of everything he did to destroy her life when he returned to town.

An excellent episode from start to finish, a lot of great character moments, some great fights, especially Colleen versus Walker, though I will always love seeing Misty kick-ass, and eventually win all of the fights she is in because, as I’ll always say, Misty is my absolute favorite and she raises this season up a number of degrees just by her presence alone. I also enjoyed seeing the softer side of Ward, and how he really is Danny’s family, staying behind and taking care of his “brother” in his time of need. A lot of his “jerky” exterior is just his nature but not who he really is. I just hope Joy is still capable of coming around, though at least the episode showed neither she nor Walker are stupid and recognize the threat Davos is now.

Looking forward to hopefully seeing all the characters teaming up to go after Davos in Episode 6, see you back here soon for the next review!