Pom Klementief

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information that may be seen as SPOILERS for ‘Avengers 4’ so if you want to remain in the dark regarding the upcoming Marvel Studios movies, you may wish to turn back now.

Pom Klementieff is the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe star to slip up and reveal something she probably shouldn’t have in an interview.  In all fairness, her slip isn’t that massive and only possibly reveals something that almost everyone assumed anyway.  It’s not as bad as that time Mark Ruffalo reveals the entire ending of ‘Infinity War’ on live TV.

Klementieff was the subject of an interview for fashion magazine Paper, which normally has nothing to do with the world of movies, beyond profiling their stars.  But in a discussion about the #TimesUp movement, Klementieff, perhaps feeling that she wasn’t talking to a Marvel fan publication, let slip an anecdote that actually reveals an upcoming scenario in ‘Avengers 4’.

“I remember Brie Larsen coming to me and Danai Gurira on the set of The Avengers and she told me about the [Time’s Up] letter to sign and I found it really amazing to have all these women — and men too — together in fighting for a better world.  Things need to change so it’s great that we women are united and speaking out now.”

Obviously, this is a reference to an upcoming scene in ‘Avengers 4’, as Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel has not yet appeared in an existing film.  On top of that, Mantis did not share the screen with Danai Gurira’s Okoye in ‘Infinity War’.  But Mantis was among those that turned to dust during the climax of ‘Infinity War’, leaving many wondering if she and the others were dead.

Although it’s fairly obvious that those that got dusted were coming back– after all, Doctor Strange and Black Panther are expected back to headline sequels of their own, and OBVIOUSLY Marvel didn’t kill off Spider-Man.  But some wondered if maybe some of those snap victims were going to stay gone, with only the major characters coming back.  But Klementieff has indicated her character, who is about as minor as they come among this pantheon, is returning, which probably means they’re all returning.  Once again, not much of a shocker.  Most assumed they would.  But now it seems that Klementieff has confirmed the reappearance of all of those that Thanos erased.

In brighter news, the star also commented on how much fun she is having playing the empathic alien in the Marvel movies:

“It’s so fun. She’s weird, she’s special, she’s in her own world and I get to do funny things and I love to do that.  Oftentimes in movies like this, the guys get to do the funny things and the girls have to play the ‘stop having fun guys’ role, which is great, too, but it’s nice to have a different kind of woman. It’s fun to play that. I like to be the weirdo. People sometimes come up to me and tell me how much they love the character and feel a connection with Mantis because they themselves are not that confident or don’t feel good in their own skin. For me, it’s really touching and important that this character exists. I think Mantis’ arc inside the movie is really interesting, too, because she doesn’t know how powerful she is. She was raised in a way that she was never told that she was strong and she was living in a very meek kind of way and then meeting the Guardians opened a new world to her.”

Does the reveal that Mantis returns spoil ‘Avengers 4’ for you?  Or does this simply confirm what you knew all along, that the snappees would be back?

Source: ComicBook.com