Iron Fist

The second season of ‘Iron Fist‘ is about to drop and the stars are already hoping for a third season pickup and believe with how things come to a close that they’ll get one. While Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick are eager to share their thoughts on what fans will think of the second season of the series, they don’t do so in a way that gives us any direct spoilers. While they do share that by the end of the season that “We’re off book” which may worry fans of the comics, this isn’t abnormal for anything Marvel has put out, so I’m not willing to think of that as a reason for concern.

Especially as they’ve changed showrunners, stunt coordinators, and partially redeemed Danny Rand in the second season of ‘Luke Cage.’

As to if the actors think there could be a third season of the show in the works, Jones shares that:

“F*ck yeah! Sorry… Yeah of course man. We would love to see a season 3, especially where the story goes this season, and where the characters end at the end of season 2? Like it is just begging for a season 3. Like you can’t not want to see what happens more with these characters.”

Henwick did give a more solid reason as to why fans will want one that could be worrisome if a renewal doesn’t happen:

“Season 2 ends on a big – not a cliffhanger, but a big tease.”

At least it isn’t a cliffhanger. It could be worse, but you can’t help but wonder if they’re teasing a crossover with another show, the introduction to an iconic villain, or something else entirely! Finn does share that the second season “takes it in a completely different direction that I don’t think fans will expect, and creatively it allows us to continue to tell a great story.”

Are you looking forward to checking out the second season of Netflix’s ‘Iron Fist’? Do you feel that the minor character changes we saw evolving in ‘The Defenders’ and more prominently shown off in ‘Luke Cage’ will mean that we’re given not only an ‘Iron Fist’ that you’ll enjoy watching for both the humor and the action? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Marvel’s ‘Iron Fist’ will be fighting its way back onto Netflix for a second season on September 7th, 2018!

Source: CBS News